3rd Party Manufacturing

B2BPharmaHub is known to have pharmaceutical manufacturing services that follow all the WHO-GMP standards, guaranteeing adherence to strict rules. We provide worldwide 3rd party manufacturing solutions to a wide range of clients, including foreign clients looking for premium pharmaceutical products.

We boast a large production capacity at our plant based in India. Our well-qualified staff ensures all your third-party manufacturing needs are met efficiently. We have high-quality standards at every stage of production, from material procurement and process optimization to formulation, testing, packaging, storage, and export.

Process for 3rd Party Manufacturing:

  • Formulation Approval: Placing and obtaining approval from the Drug Department.
  • Raw Material Procurement: Searching and seeking raw materials of best quality
  • Formulation Production: Undertaking the part of the actual production of formulations.
  • Export: Making sure that the final products are ready for global distribution.

We at B2BPharmaHub.com are dedicated to closely collaborating with our customers worldwide on branded and generic medicines. Our high standards and customer satisfaction make our third-party manufacturing service one of our most valuable and best offerings to clients around the globe.