About Us

B2B Pharma Hub is a leading pharmaceutical company based in Surat, Gujarat. It was founded in the 2010s. From our humble beginnings, we embarked on a journey of reaching out to everyone who needs medicines and pharmaceutical products. Our company aims to fill the void of medicines and products in the pharmaceutical market. At B2B Pharma Hub, we forge business relations with our partners and investors by bringing out impressive results with our top-grade quality products. 

The diverse array of pharmaceutical products like Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Pre-filled Syringes, Inhalers/Respules, Nasal Sprays, Creams, Ointments, Eye/Ear Drops, Syrups, Suspensions, Suppositories/Pessaries, Sachets, Powders, Lozenges, Jelly & Lotions, and API medicines are supplied safely by B2B Pharma Hub. We market a large amount of pharmaceutical formulations covering almost every therapeutic area. It incorporates generic drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and formulated medicines, such as anticancer, antidepressants, antifungal, antibiotics, antiviral, antacid, antiallergic, pain killers, vitamins, hormones, contraceptives, erectile dysfunction, injections, skin care products, etc that we are supplying across the globe.

At B2B Pharma Hub, we aptly follow the guidelines of WHO-GMP and we have received ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Our expert team of pharmaceutical units always ensures the safety and standard of products. 

Our founder not only started B2B Pharma Hub but also led us to the position we are in now. With his direction and vision, we are extremely driven to accomplish our goals and take B2B Pharma Hub to new heights. Our expert team is diligent and passionate about their work and goals, which paves new paths towards success and achievements. 

 From the beginning, B2B Pharma Hub set out a bold vision, which is to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry through new ideas and collaboration. We aim to enhance the quality of pharmaceutical products and bring pioneer solutions to the healthcare industry. To turn our vision into a reality, we have worked towards our aim with unwavering determination and meticulous planning. We believe in bringing innovative ideas and excellence together by collaborating with business partners in the industry. 

Our footprints extend across continents, reaching many patients and healthcare providers. We have supplied medicines and other products to more than 50 countries with utmost care and safety.