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Searching for reasonably priced outdated medications? Your reliable national distributor,, has an extensive assortment of obsolete drugs, such as ibuprofen and zinc oxide. With more than ten years of experience providing short-dated pharmaceutical delivery in the US, has established itself as the go-to resource for retail chains, long-term care pharmacies, combination pharmacies, infusion pharmacies, and specialty pharmacies.

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Our Inventory of Short-Dated Drugs

We have a large selection of outdated medications in stock, such as

  • Pain relievers
  • Antibiotics
  • Vitamins
  • Cough medications
  • Cold medications

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When wholesalers and manufacturers have excess inventory with short shelf lives, fills the gap by providing these goods at affordable costs. Overproduction or short-term expiration dates, as in the case of some pre-mixed antibiotics, frequently result in the availability of medications with short expiration dates. Additionally, when filling rare prescriptions, pharmacies occasionally discover that their inventory needs to be updated.

Our solid relationships with pharmaceutical suppliers and manufacturers around the country allow to offer your pharmacy the most incredible deals on out-of-date merchandise.

Comprehensive Selection of Short-Dated Products

A wide range of out-of-date medications is available on, including:

  • Generic drugs are less expensive than name-brand drugs.
  • Brand Name Drugs: Reputable brands at reduced costs.
  • Over-the-counter medications include vitamins, injectables, common OTC medications, diabetic supplies, and more.

We supply pharmacies with over 4,000 different types of outdated drugs, ensuring that you receive premium goods at competitive costs because of our partnerships with VAWD-accredited suppliers.

Best Prices for Short-Dated Pharmaceuticals

Our relationships with major pharmaceutical manufacturers allow us to negotiate the best prices on short-dated drugs. pre-shops daily for the medications you need, ensuring you always get the best deal. Our high-volume pricing benefits pharmacies of all sizes, enabling you to stay competitive while maintaining a solid return on investment.

We also offer favorable purchasing terms without additional interest or membership fees, making it easier for you to stock up on the supplies you need.

FAQs of Short Dated Pharmaceuticals

What are short-dated pharmaceuticals?

Short-dated pharmaceuticals are drugs approaching their expiration date, and due to their limited shelf life, they are often sold at a discounted price.

What is short-dated pharmacy stock?

Short-dated pharmacy stock refers to inventory that will expire within 60-90 days or less from the current date.

What is the expiry date of the medication?

An expiry date indicates when a medication is guaranteed to have full potency and safety. For medications with a “use by” date, it means the medicine should not be used after the end of the previous month. Always follow the instructions from your doctor or pharmacist.

How long are drugs good for after the expiration date?

While the expiration date is required by law to indicate full potency and safety, many medications remain effective and safe beyond this date. However, always consult a healthcare professional before using expired medications.

Why Choose makes shopping for short-dated pharmaceuticals fast, easy, and cost-effective. We offer:

  • Competitive pricing on all short-dated products
  • Excellent fill rates and next-day shipping
  • High-quality products from VAWD-accredited suppliers compliant with state and federal regulations

Our commitment to best practices and adherence to the highest standards set by the Wholesale Distribution Industry-National Association of Boards of Pharmacy ensures that you receive top-notch service. Our experienced account representatives are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every client, whether you’re an independent pharmacist or a large chain.

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